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About Us

: Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Striking the balance between truth and reassurance, the New World Odour is a satirical look at topical goings-on. When the most powerful entities on earth are against you, all you have left is laughter. Laughter and complicity.

The New World Odour are a small team of elites committed to the truth, no matter how amusing it may appear. Our work is a labour of love; you’ll find no advertising here and we’re not covertly funded by a tobacco company or anything. Smoke.

We used to publish monthly issues which contained a few main articles and a bunch of little “news in briefs”, but the effort and organisation that had to go into this was more effort and organisation than we could manage. We now publish a trickle of output, whenever it’s ready. You can keep up to date by visiting once in a while, or subscribing to the RSS feed thingies. We converted all the old content to the new system but are keeping the old issues online because they are so cute.


These are all real. We totally swear. Send your testimonials to <>

“Like so many I thought that the New World Odour was strictly pussy, with a hint of lavender. Thanks to your excellent publication I now know that the scent of scrotum and a whiff of arsehole are also detectable. And all this time I thought it was just me. Thanks for changing my life.”
Patrick De Witte

“I clicked the wrong button, sorry. Is this thing on?”
Steve Gibson, Internetician

“As soon as I started reading new world odour I was much more popular with chicks.”
Sleepy Kev

IRC channel

New World Odour now have an IRC channel. You can usually find us on #newworldodour on Quakenet. Come, chat and discuss your hilarious ideas, or complain bitterly about ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
We’re people mostly from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. We used to have journalists in Belgium and the USA too, but we’ve not heard from them in a while. Missing in action we guess. We’ll send flowers.

Are you making money?
From New World Odour? Oh God no. That’s really not the point. From our “real life” jobs? Also, no.

I’m so hilarious, my mom thinks I should be a stand-up comic, can I join the team?
You sound like you’re made of the right stuff. E-mail us: <> with something funny.

Are you people totally racist / sexist / religiousist / homophobic / heterophobic / cacophobic / eurotophobic / peladophobic?
No. You really don’t get it do you? Also, it’s written erotophobic nowadays.

Has anybody actually frequently asked you any of these questions?
Yes, but mostly only this one.

Do you ever update these?
Yes, just now.

Search Engine Keywords

Our logs keep track of what keywords people have used in search engines to find us. The results are interesting. We’re really not making these up:

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  • stomped in the face
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  • what kind of food do u need to survive a nuclear bomb
  • weapons of masturbation
  • The day I made her cum
  • lift accident
  • big titted babes
  • haircuts to suit face
  • what was the whole hypodermics on the shore thing about
  • will have already done
  • hijabis around the world
  • Not Even Sniff Of WMDs Found In Iraq
  • Uday Hussein gay
  • all your iraqi are belong to us
  • Petrol Vaseline explode
  • alternatives to dyson vacuum cleaners
  • poor body odour
  • thora hird death

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