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Beckham sex, not with wife

News in Brief: Thursday, May 13th, 2004

photo of david beckham anally fucking himselfThe tragically underexposed Beckham(tm) Couple have been having a spot of marital bother recently after David(tm) admitted he regularly engages in group sex romps with himself. “I’m okay unless I get near any reflective surfaces. I mean look at me, you wouldn’t say no would you?” NWO suspects he said. The news came at a convenient time for the couple whose fortunes dwindle for every day they’re not front page tabloid news. “I’m comfortable with the situation,” says Victoria, “after all, not every girl is lucky enough to be married to a man who can lick his own balls.”,

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9 Responses to “Beckham sex, not with wife”

  1. children of adels Says:

    you are mr. sexy . you are suck , remember it

  2. alpha Says:

    slt i love beckham

  3. Sophie Says:

    That picture turns me on WAY too much.

  4. safar Says:

    hello ilove beckham sexy and suck

  5. nghia Says:

    i love Beckham!!
    he so sexy……

  6. OMILO Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    thats a rough montage

  8. sex Says:

    oh…….Beckham is so sexy.
    i want sex with him…….

  9. Salman Says:

    Hi, I am Salman. I want to speak with Beckham. Can You help Me. Please reply ME.

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