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Britain’s first case of deadly Aryan flu

News in Brief: Friday, March 24th, 2006
Nick Griffin - Aryan Race
Nick Griffin is watching you.

Officials say tests have confirmed Britain’s first cases of the deadly H5N9 strain of flu.

A spokesperson for the European Union’s Reference Laboratory for Aryan Influenza said “This virus poses a large-scale threat to all humans of Indo-European origins. Well, the noble ones anyway.”

As a precuation, some experts suggest speaking exclusively in Indo-European languages but Mikey Stewart Chamberlain, great grandson of British author Houston Stewart Chamberlain disagreed: “This is a discerning virus. It cares not for ethno-linguistic origins. If your eyes are blue, you’ll get the flu.”

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3 Responses to “Britain’s first case of deadly Aryan flu”

  1. Stephen Paulger Says:

    HAHAHA Win.

  2. Rich Says:


  3. Ste Says:

    Nick Griffin is a God leave him alone.
    He will be our supreme commander after the 2008 revolution.

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