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Regime change

Administrivia: Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

The revolution is over. The coup was successful. New World Odour is now different. The world will never be the same again. Unless we go back to the old scheme which, to be honest, wouldn’t be that difficult.

The new regime’s manifesto covers this single issue: We no longer do monthly issues. New articles will now be published as they are written. Those of you paying attention may notice we’ve not done a monthly issue for almost a year. A gold star for you.

We’re currently adding all the old content from the previous issue format but will be creating new content from now. The old issues will remain online as a historical record, but you may not discuss them. Tell your friends and enemies.

NWO authors camp Xray release

Administrivia, News in Brief: Thursday, April 1st, 2004

Release of the much-anticipated third issue of New World Odour was unexpectedly delayed for approximately ten months while the authors were held as terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

The team of authors say they were subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. “Given the option, we truly would have preferred the usual treatment. Unusual treatment is just too, you know, unusual” said Spork. Daily threats included McDonalds food, Coca-Cola, CNN, re-runs of Friends and viewings of American Pie.

Repeatedly questioned by MI5, FOX news journalists and several trained chimps with rifles, the satirical writers were under extreme pressure to turn each other in. “At one point I almost told them that Susan doesn’t like Hershey bars,” said Edward.

Since their release from Cuba, work on the new issue has been slow as Kev hasn’t dared take off his security goggles and oven gloves and Cal won’t stop humming Bruce Springsteen tunes.

Letters to the Editor 1

Administrivia: Sunday, April 13th, 2003

Due to your persistent coverage of certain foreign events, I feel that your publication is neglecting it’s interests on the home front. I have been trying to report the theft of various items from my shed to the cost of $14bn USD (3.8% GDP). Among the stolen items were a rake, an AM/FM radio, miscellaneous parts for a 1980s model nuclear reactor, 819 liquid fueled short range ballistic missiles, 15,000 litres of VX nerve gas and an unopened 1 litre tin of creosote.
Yours most upsettedly,
Mr. B. Braithwaite,
Kirkby Grinluppenbyshire.

Since this is the first issue of New World Odour, I have very little to say about the last issue other than mentioning the fact there wasn’t one.
James James Jameson

I am shocked and in awe of the bombardment of my country.
Yours shocked and in awe,
Johnny Arab.

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