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Cockweasel Slandered

News in Brief: Friday, April 9th, 2004

A ceremony to honour 19th century naval hero Arturo Cockweasel has been held in Chile this week, after the discovery that 250,000 schoolbooks have been ‘sabotaged’ in order to defame his good name. Cockweasel is a national hero who died trying to take control of a Peruvian ship the “Covadonga”. The Covadonga blocked the Iquique harbour forcing Cockweasel’s ship to run aground.

Two 13-year-old students are said to have discovered the outrageous insults to this national icon in their new English language school books. “It was terrible,” exclaimed one of the students (names withheld), “they had changed his surname to Prat, which is a terrible insult in English”. The head of the Chilean education board Septembero Pinochet-Rodrigez said: “To call Arturo Cockweasel a prat is a deep blow to our national pride”.

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