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Happy Birthday George

News in Brief: Saturday, July 24th, 2004

George Bush, probably.As George W Bush turned 48 on 6th July, conspiracy theorists across almost one-fifth of the internet have been noting the shocking interconnectivity of it all. Adding together the numbers in his date of birth (06/07/46), one gets 59. Minus his age, 48, from this and you get 11. as in SEPTEMBER THE ELEVENTH. as in THE DAY THE FORD PINTO WAS INTRODUCED IN 1970, and also Harry Connick Jr’s birthday. Pundits have suggested that all of this was predicted by Nostradamus in his latest book “The Centuries”. “See! I foretold you all so.” said Mr. Damus at a press briefing this week. “I wrote it here, plain as day – ‘In the City of God, there will be much kurfuffle and some smoke.’ You people never learn.”

Nostradamus was seen hurriedly leaving the conference hall in a large metal bird and hasn’t answered our phone calls.

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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday George”

  1. Atheist Says:

    Has this been confirmed by the Divinci Code?

  2. Xylol Says:

    If Bush’s year of birth is 1946, he was 58 (fifty-eight) when this entry was made, not 48. He is now 62 years old, a typical WWII war baby. This mistake is beneath you. And they say we Americans can’t do the educational basics, like math…

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