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BREAKING NEWS: ID card prevents London explosions

News in Brief: Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Within minutes of the reports of explosions in tube stations and busses in London, the Home Office has issued a statement:

“Whether these explosions were caused by bombs, terrorismists, communist dictators, weapons of mass destruction or a leaking gas main, we’re confident our proposed ID card system would have prevented it. We are also confident that if there hadn’t even been any explosions today, we would have our ID scheme to thank.”

No further information is available on the number of casualties, but Number 10 has suggested they have already found links to the Middle Eastern country Iran.

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13 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: ID card prevents London explosions”

  1. matt Says:

    this article pissed me off… interesting how you damn americans are still so uptight about 9/11 but can already laugh at the brits misfortune. I think you should consider whats funny and whats down right stupid.

  2. edjack Says:

    This is slander.
    1) We laugh at everyone’s misfortune
    2) We’re not Americans

  3. Abhishek Says:

    Bad taste. Real Bad taste. Grow up. There is life outside the U.S, you know!!

  4. Jay Says:

    In response to matt, us brits are used to bombs going off in the UK, we had plenty of them in the 80′s fom the IRA. Just another day in London!

  5. EwanSpence Says:

    Well having spoken to a friend of mine in London who is heavily involved in the No2ID card project, that was right at the top of his list. To use this to leverage a national database of the british population would be wrong on so many counts. And you might be all goody-goody about it, but you can be damm sure that someone in HM Gov is working on how to spin this into the ID debate. Give it 36 hours.

  6. neilb Says:

    i like americans. they make me look thin. and that’s probably about it.

  7. Mikolaj Stefan Says:

    This is a brilliant article!!! :)

    I was watching Channel 5 (brit TV) earlier, and the reporter said something like “…this will give the government a stronger case for ID cards…”

    Sorry i cannot remember exactly what was said, hopefully someone can give a clearer quote. :)

    Damn fine article. :)

  8. Neo Says:

    Is stuppid.

    In Spain we have ID Cards (DNI) and it doesnt stops 11-M in Madrid.

    My condolences for the British.

  9. spork Says:

    A day later…

    “Identity cards would not have stopped the London bombings which claimed the lives of 37 people and injured many more, Charles Clarke has said.

    But on balance, the home secretary says, he believes ID cards would help rather than hinder the ability to deal with particular terrorist threats.

    He also suggested that in future civil liberties may have to be curtailed. “

  10. dcinput » Blog Archive » Home office says ID cards would have stopped blast Says:

    [...] The New World Order blog reports that the Home Office has announced that their planned ID card system would have stopped the London blasts. [...]

  11. Oddball Says:

    This report is spot on you have hit the nail square on the head.
    Both the UK and US governments are nothing but gangsters on the make, and power/ control hungry with it!

    Good job!

  12. jzr Says:

    My first blog attempt. It is pitiful to listen to the uninformed, the naive and misinformed. Without the slightest clue that there is already a New World Order and humanity is just along for the ride. EVERYTHING is orchestrated, use that as a premise. Give your analysis a head start and begin with – now why is this much news reaching the airways, how does it complement the what news has already been divulged, how predictable will the next bit of news be, and how does this fit in the consistent scheme of the goals of the New World Order to devour the resources of mankind and enslave him? Pull your heads out folks and smell the toe jam.

  13. Paul Says:

    aww how cute so if everybody carrys an id card and one of us is a suicide bommer then what ? is the card gonna deflect the blast ?

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