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Know your enemy: Osmond bin Laden

Know your enemy: Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

osmond bin ladenIn the 7 years since the September 2001 terrorist attack, the mass of evidence that has been collected stands taller than the aftermath rubble.

The FBI alone has received more leads than there are grains of sand in an Arab’s flip-flop. An estimated 85000 Middle Eastern and Muslim immigrant men were examined, 14000 deported, 8000 selected for questioning, 3700 questioned, almost 800 detained of which 68 still remain in custody. Only a handful were charged and only one convicted.

Before convictee Mounir el Motassade’s recent release by a Hamburg court due to apparent innocence, he helped authorities draw conclusions about the planning of 9/11.

the osmond bin ladens
It seems that one of Motassade’s friends once heard in a local Muslim pub, over a bacon sandwich, that someone had read on the Internet that attacks were either directly or indirectly linked to alleged terrorist mastermind and exiled Saudi dissident, Osmond bin Laden. After several years on the FBI’s ten most wanted list, they could finally name him as the prime suspect in the investigation.

Osmond Bin Laden denied that he was himself involved in these attacks but nonetheless has admitted to being responsible for crimes against the western world, and some of Australia.

The Osmond Bin Laden’s 40 years of entertainment limited edition album cover. Bin Laden’s discography of terror goes back over 40 years, and his intentions are now apparent from song titles such as:

  • Swing City Gal
  • It Takes Two
  • Who’s Sorry Now
  • Afghan Puppy Love
  • Crazy Jihads (woooh, woooh)
  • Long-haired Lover From Lebanon

osmond bin laden album cover

The FBI stand poised to capture Bin Laden in the event of an attempted come back tour.


Be warned that Osmond Bin Laden is considered vocal and dangerous, and should not be approached for an autograph.

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