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Letters to the Editor 1

Administrivia: Sunday, April 13th, 2003

Due to your persistent coverage of certain foreign events, I feel that your publication is neglecting it’s interests on the home front. I have been trying to report the theft of various items from my shed to the cost of $14bn USD (3.8% GDP). Among the stolen items were a rake, an AM/FM radio, miscellaneous parts for a 1980s model nuclear reactor, 819 liquid fueled short range ballistic missiles, 15,000 litres of VX nerve gas and an unopened 1 litre tin of creosote.
Yours most upsettedly,
Mr. B. Braithwaite,
Kirkby Grinluppenbyshire.

Since this is the first issue of New World Odour, I have very little to say about the last issue other than mentioning the fact there wasn’t one.
James James Jameson

I am shocked and in awe of the bombardment of my country.
Yours shocked and in awe,
Johnny Arab.

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