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Rapist’s SICK benefits package

News: Sunday, August 7th, 2005

Sick rape fiend monsterRobert Excell, the UK-born convicted child rape fiend deported to Britain from Australia arrived at Heathrow last week amid controversy about his benefits package. It is said that the predatory young-boy molesting savage monster devil, who spent almost 148 years in total incarcerated down under, will cost the British tax payer over £100,000 a year EACH. Some of his benefits include:

  • A new car under the mobility scheme
  • State benefits of nearly £360 EVERY DAY
  • A fourteen bedroom seaside castle in the centre of London, complete WITH a shed, white plastic garden furniture, satellite TV, and an underground network of tunnels
  • Free towels
  • The right of free association, which he could use to CORRUPT our most precious raw material (children) or join a BOOK GROUP
  • An permanent seat on the UN Security Council
  • A gagging order on the media to prevent them revealing his list of benefits

All this is on top of the £5,000,000 a year the wheelchair bound sexual offender fiend beast freak dragon hellcat will cost the NHS for his list of illnesses including asthma, diabetes and apophalatophobia*.

A Home Office spokesman clearly and concisely insisted: “Like all issues that might affect election results, protecting children is and may well be the highest priority of the government and we do almost everything you would think to ensure the public opinion is protected from offenders where a potential risk may and might can be foreseen before hand.”

* the fear of penis chewing

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  1. MIhail Says:

    Police have been checking vehicles in a zone around the site of the discovery, where poultry movements are restricted.

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