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Shop regrets harassing paying customer

News: Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
Kay Partcunt, hood wearer
Kay Partcnut, educator, hood wearer
and pint sized assassin of Venice

A 58-year old school teacher has made the news after being forced to obey an arbitrary rule designed to ostracise and penalise a specific, largely defenseless, group of society.

Kay Partcnut was challenged by a security guard over her decision to wear a hooded top while shopping at her local supermarket.

“I told him ‘no, my hair’s a mess’. But I did oblige because rules are there for a reason and should be obeyed no matter what,” she said after she had recovered from the horrific, newsworthy, agenda-promoting incident.

“I couldn’t believe he was talking to me though. I’m supposed to look like a nasty thug? Thugs are not white, middle-aged or female; it says so in the Daily Mail.”


Apparel historian Prof. Dick Cravat from the Belgain Institute of Forbidden Textiles explains society’s prejudice towards such garments.

“What Ms Partcnut is describing isn’t a new problem. Hooded robes have long been associated with delinquent sorts.

“As far back as medieval times, hoods have been used by outlaws and the like to keep the rain off their evil, thieving heads; the most famous of these being Robin Hood and his gang (known on the forest floor as the ‘Eastside Merry’).

“With Hood’s well-known anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist philosophy, it’s not surprising that supermarkets, shopping centres and the conservative media have developed such negative connotations of the garment itself.”


Tesco’s, purveyors of fine consumable products and more than six varieties of casual upper body garments with attached head coverings, have apologised to Ms Partcnut for her mistreatment.

“Although our security guard’s intention was good, it seems as if he was a little over-zealous and we’re sorry to Ms Partcnut for that.

“We will be speaking to our security staff to make sure that in the future they only harass and offend the poor and people less likely to make a fuss.”

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