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UK Students charged under terror act

News: Thursday, March 9th, 2006
Maps: Terrorist information
Maps: Terrorist information

Two teenage students have been charged in connection with an investigation into suspected terrorist activity abroad, police have said.

Irfan Raja, 18, from Ilford, Essex, was charged with making a record of information likely to be useful to a terrorist. Awaab Iqbal, 18, from Bradford, was charged with possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist. They are both charged under section 58 of the Terrorism Act.

For security reasons, the highly not flawed Terrorism Act does not clearly define “information likely to be useful to a terrorist”. Sir Ian Blair, Britain’s most senior policeman (76 years old) issued a list of items to help the public turn in their friends and colleagues:

Information likely to be useful to terrorists

  • Book: Dictionary
    Terrorists can often use the alphabet to form words in which to communicate their actions. They have also been known to use numbers, which have roots in the Middle East and therefore are likely to be evil Arabic playthings.
  • Map: London underground
    Such documents are highly useful when terrorists are planning their activities. Terrorists often have day jobs to which they need to commute in order to fund the purchase of further planning materials. Also groceries.
  • Book: Self-Discipline in 10 Days: How to Go from Thinking to Doing by Theodore Bryant
    To fight the forces of freedom and liberty, an effective terrorist needs to be self motivated.
  • Book: Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution by Robert C. Atkins
    Terrorists need to eat to subsist but can’t be bogged down with heavy carbohydrates which can fog the mind, leading to mistakes in the field. If a terrorist made a mistake, innocent people might not get hurt.
  • US Army Field Manual 7-98: Operations in a low intensity conflict
    This manual is of the upmost importance to a well organised terrorist network. It’s mostly useful if the terrorists in question also own more than half the world’s weapons and govern a docile population. Keep an eye out for evidence of this.
  • This news article
    A terrorist could use this article to collect a veritable armory of information. Ensure that you delete it off the Internet after reading.

Sir Ian Blair also described how a patriotic member of the public might identify instructions on creating bombs: “Instructions describing mixing glycerol with a cooled solution of 40% nitric acid and 60% sulphuric to make nitroglycerin, then mixing the nitroglycerin with sodium nitrate and sawdust to make dynamite, or with more nitric acid and paraffin to make gelatin explosives, are probably suspicious.”

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One Response to “UK Students charged under terror act”

  1. raptorjesus Says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I myself have a dictionary in my room. It was almost too late. I will be turning myself in immediately.

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