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Privacy Policy

: Sunday, May 29th, 2005

By accessing and using this website you are agreeing to wrap yourself in carpet and throw yourself into a local stream thereby contanimating the water and poisoning local wildlife and goldfish.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small electronic devices that enter the bloodstream through the tear ducts and travel to the chin where they multiply, rupture red blood cells and influence the host’s sense of balance.

Once in place, cookies can also be used to control the will of the host: allowing us to form an army of mercinaries which we could use to rob banks and tourist information outlets. NWO agrees not to control your will unless it’s extremely important or is done by accident.

On NWO, two types of cookies are secretly used without your consent or control, session cookies and persistent cookies. Neither of which are explained here in an attempt to maintain control. Needless to say, both types are very, very mysterious.

Legal Disclaimer

All characters and situations depicted on this website are completely true, corroborated by at least 2 different sources of evidence kept with our solicitors. All claims regarding Jesus Christ and the apostles or American citizens are exempt under EU religious and racial satire directive 11.3, category nineteen.

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